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My God-given passion for creating art that glorifies God through pictures drives me to create unique images that make your life better and more beautiful. Even as an experienced, nationally prize-winning photographer with over 1.8 million high quality images in my portfolio, my very top priority remains the same as always: making you totally happy.

This focus on customer service to you, together with my artistic passion—not for profit, but for bringing beautiful pictures into existence—is what makes me different from other photographers.

Being nationally known is nice, but I don't let it affect my prices because I care less about money and I care more about you. I believe every one is special, created in the image of God, and so I want an average next-door man or woman, boy or girl, to be able to afford beautiful pictures, too. Someone just like you.

To take the best pictures of you, I own the world's best full-frame digital cameras, lenses, and other photographic technology. I also have a Ph.D. in math which I use to edit and improve the beauty of your pictures as well as to calculate a strategy for minimizing your costs!

How do I do it? I bear most of these equipment costs on my own, by funding from my personal savings, with prize money from winning major photographic contests, from selling my previous equipment at half price, and by carefully caring for and maintaining my camera equipment to extend its life. In this way, I can achieve an unbelievably tiny bit of remaining cost for my existing equipment of barely more than 14.3¢ per picture. I round this up to 15¢ per picture as your price.

The only reason that I even charge this small profit of less than one cent per photo is so that I can reinvest it for you. Every penny is used to enable me to continue using the best cameras in the world so that I can take the best pictures in the world of you!

The total number of pictures I normally take per photoshoot is around 500 top-quality photos, so the equipment cost for your unlimited everything photoshoot is usually around only $75.

I do photography as a mission, not to make money. So I charge nothing for my time except for the amount of money that receive for tutoring, which I can't earn during the time that I am taking pictures. As one of the best tutors with over 10,000 hours of experience tutoring over 5,500 people, I do tutoring on an essentially non-profit basis as well, for only $13 an hour, when I could easily earn $60 an hour from my Ph.D. I refuse to abuse my talents by charging too much money, so I only charge $13 an hour, whether for tutoring or for photography.

The total number of hours is calculated from all the time I took away from tutoring for your photoshoot, including planning, preparing my equipment, driving to and from the locations, taking pictures, and of course, professionally processing all your images. The hourly total is usually five to seven hours, so the time cost is usually from $65 to $91.

My goal is to reach the point where I am the world's best photographer, but I will only be satisfied if I can do so without violating my principles. I want to reach the point of being the best while still charging only the minimum that I can to be able to live. I want to be the best at taking pictures, not at making money.

I'm the opposite of the typical “professional photographer.” I work as hard as I can for you to be able to pay as little as possible. My works of art are works of heart, inspired by passion not profit. Yet I could challenge anyone to find another photographer, at any price, with comparable credentials:

  • a creative portfolio of well over one million photos,
  • over 17 years of diverse experience,
  • offering you photography produced by the world's best and highest quality full-frame digital cameras.

That is only the beginning of the quality of photography and service that I provide to you, while charging only 15¢ per picture and $13 per hour! At these incredible prices, you can afford to have beautiful pictures of you taken as often as you want!!

With me, your grand total will usually work out to be under $150 for an incredible, unlimited everything photoshoot, that is better and that will make you happier than what would cost you far more than $1,500 elsewhere!

And, best of all, much more important than price, the images that I create for you are the same quality as the prize-winning results I have produced for Rand McNally, the Chicago Tribune, and throughout the nation! An artist who stays true to passion continues to get better, so your results will be even more wonderful than the winning pictures I have taken before!

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